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Breaking The Sedentary Lifestyle

Thursday, June 08, 2017

About a year ago I saw a headline for a sedentary lifestyle being described as a 'sitting disease' and it made me think about my business and how often I sit for long periods.

Being a pacer when I am on the phone, I probably sit less than the average office worker but definitely more than I would like. With my brain the way it is, I asked myself, in the second person, what I can do about it? 

Well one thing I've realised is that I can operate my business from anywhere in the world. Recently I was up at 6am in Switzerland each day to make my calls for a couple of hours, which was 4-6pm NZ time. If I can work my business out of the office while I am out of town, then I can certainly do the same while I'm in Auckland.

So, this year if the weather is decent I pack my iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard, one of my cameras and I walk to a cafe somewhere in the Ponsonby-Parnell-Mt Eden-New Market circle. Having Bluetooth hearing aids means I can efficiently take any all while walking and the iPad Pro is available if there is a long-involved email required. 

Great thing about is is I can get some exercise in and am effectively making my business work for me rather than the other way around. 

I really think everybody should have a look at what they can do to get away from their desk. Think there is definitely more freedom available if you think creatively and invest in technology that allows you to be mobile. My iPad Pro/iPhone 7plus combo means I have no requirement at all to be at my desk. Think about it because it might just surprise you.