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If you're not changing you're standing still

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Well if things aren't changing then you are standing still. Nicollette has left SBL as an employee to take up a position with a company called Luminary Group which allows her to follow her first interest, social media. She will still contract her services back to SBL for all of our marketing and social media requirements. 

It is always a tightrope you walk as a father and employer, so the father is happy she is doing what she wants and the employer side means I have to work a little smarter. Have a similar predicament with my youngest who is in the army and on the shortlist to go to Iraq in the next rotation. Would be happy for him if he goes because he really wants to but from my side, not so much.

My first initiative of the working a little smarter scenario is, I am tapping out this blog on the new iPad Pro. Quite amazing technology and very much suited to my cloud based and mobile business, and I am thinking that it will likely replace my laptop as my out of office platform. At time of writing this I am awaiting the keyboard and the pen but even with a standard apple keyboard it is a joy to use. Will keep updating my thoughts as I get to know it better.

With our recent reintroduction to the franchise market I have decided to get a Mini Countryman and have it sign written to promote our franchise sales and coaching services. So keep an eye out for the SBL Mini in a town near you, it will be getting around.

We have also been talking to a well known franchise person who could be coming into SBL as either a broker or a contractor so keep a look out on our site and social media channels for that too.

Hope all is well with everyone and roll on summer because spring this year appears to be winter reincarnated.