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It's The End Of Another Year

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Well Friday is most likely the last day of the year for me at Switch Business for 2015. Will be setting up new business opportunities that should hit the market in and around February 1st 2016.

If all goes to plan there could be a nice Civil Engineering business, a mature Master Franchise business and also a couple of franchise opportunities too.

Well the 2015 calendar year was an interesting one. Two times this year on significant transactions I had vendors withdraw from effectively unconditional offers. Am not sure what I could have done any differently but in this game you just have to suck it up and look forward.

2015 will be remembered for me as the year I got back into franchising. I have to admit I have really enjoyed it and it will be a big focus for SBL in the 2016 calendar year.

Let me know how your year went. If you have been in contact with us this year looking for a franchise opportunity let us know what you didn't like about it, what you think could be changed and maybe what your prefect franchise might look like.

Have a great Christmas and New year break everyone. As normal I am contactable through the break via normal channels.