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Live or Work?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Do you live where you work or work where you live? This is a concept that comes to me every time I return from Queenstown to Auckland. I really love my home town but it’s certainly getting harder to live here. The traffic, the Council, housing prices all make me look at whether or not I want to stay.

Queenstown has similar problems with housing prices but I always seem to feel more relaxed when I’m there and as I get older that is a feeling I search for. After being there numerous times I don't feel it’s just the holiday effect. Everything about the town just seems aimed at being the best. The best brands are there, the coolest restaurants, overseas food brands (look at the queues outside Fergs at all times of the day) whereas Auckland seems to be more about special interest, which currently seems to be about driving vehicles out of the city.

So, could I look to work where I want to live? Obviously I would have to convince my wife & daughter to agree but if that was the case I think I could. Modern communication means it often doesn't matter where my phone is, I can take the call. Video conferencing is just as simple, this week in QTown I had a conference call with a buyer in Auckland and the seller in Byron Bay, Australia. It was simple to setup and went off without a hitch.

There will always be a requirement for face-to-face meetings and a little plane travel would be required, but all in all I think it’s doable.

So, if you’re reading this, do you work where you live or live where you work? Would you like to live somewhere else and if so could you work there? Food for thought.