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Nature or Nurture?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You have to wonder if the nature or nurture debate that you often hear about relating to criminals can also apply to everyday mundane activities like driving your car.

The fact that the NZTA has applied an 80kmph speed limit on the most modern and likely the best condition piece of motorway in Auckland, with the reasoning that it is too confusing for motorists to have a 100kmph zone and then have to reduce speed to 80kmph for the new tunnel. A 'dogs breakfast' of speed zones was the quote.

Now the nature or nurture argument comes into play normally with criminals with the debate whether they were born that way or their environment influenced them to a life of crime. Kiwi drivers are categorised as bad drivers when you read any literature on the subject but are we born this way or is it the environment that we are subjected to every day that causes our supposed poor driving? The fact that the NZTA has so little confidence in Auckland drivers, that they feel in the ‘holier than though' opinion that we can't adjust mentally or physically to a change in the speed limit on a modern motorway, are they in fact nurturing bad driving?

If a motorist can't read the red speed limit signs and adjust accordingly, or if said person has a panic attack because they are required to slow down or speed up, then maybe they shouldn't be on the road in the first place.

Last week I drove to the awesome Shakespeare Regional Park on the Whangaporoa Peninsula, and on my return from there through to Silverdale there were 30, 50, 60 and 70kmph zones. Everybody seemed to be able to cope with 4 different speed limits, there didn't seem to be anybody stopped in the middle of the road trying to adjust to the speed change and I never noticed anyone having a panic attack on the roadside. So why would it be a problem on a beautiful piece of road like the new North Western?

It always appears to me that we legislate for the bottom of the barrel in this country rather than at the middle where most of us live. If the minority can't handle the said speed change for any reason then get them off the road and let the majority get on with life. We as tax payers spent billions on this new motorway so please give us the credit for having the intellect required to use it.