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Switch is back in the franchise game

Friday, September 11, 2015

It’s funny how your business life can turn full circle. In the mid to late '90s I started selling franchises for a couple of NZ franchise companies. Back then I started with 0800-2-Fixit and installer services and later progressed through to Hire a Hubby and a number of others until I moved into larger businesses in the mid 2000's. 

Well 20 years later Switch Business is back in the franchise selling game! We have been asked regularly over the years to do so but resisted primarily because I had been there and done that. 

But over the last year we come to the realisation that the primary reason for resisting re-entering the franchise arena hinged on the fact that there was a real sameness around most franchise offerings. The same consultants had 'consulted' and offerings all seemed to be marketed the same way. It appeared to us that franchisors were all following a similar formula hoping that their model would stand out from the crowd and they would be successful in recruiting more franchisees than their competitors.

So what to do about this? The solution was for us to use our 20 years of experience, 20 years of seeing and experiencing the frustration of businesses and franchises not selling and learning those lessons. We can now look at a franchise business and start to identify the reasoning behind why they aren't recruiting franchisees to the level they would hope for. Once we have agreed upon and implemented those recommendations we are then more comfortable taking on the recruitment for that company.

This is working well for the 3 brands we are working for at present. In the last couple of months we have sold 2 franchises for one brand, with 3 close to completion, have changed one franchise to a license model and are now about to appoint the first license for that company, and the other we have numerous prospects identified and are now working our way through them.

So Switch Business is actively back in the franchise market. If you have a brand and you aren’t recruiting to the level you would hope for then please give us a call.