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Sydney and Singapore with GFP

Friday, October 10, 2014

Have been back in Auckland for a week and a half now and I’m definitely missing that Sydney heat. Nicollette and I put on our ‘GFP hats’ a few weeks ago and flew to Sydney to meet with our partner Gidon. Had a good few meetings and have a lot of things on the go now, better than the alternative for sure. Will be a busy period coming up to Christmas this year.

We will be putting those hats back on again next week, when Nicollette, Gidon and I fly to Singapore for the Franchise and Licensing Asia 2014 Expo where we will representing our clients Just Cuts, Royal Copenhagen and Civic Managed Services along with the WFA brands. Looking forward to warmer weather again but I know what these types of shows are like. Need a good pair of shoes for the 10 hours a day I’ll be on my feet. Nicollette’s first time in Asia, and we made sure we are flying direct via Singapore Airlines rather than having to stop over in Australia. One of those options had a 23 hour stopover on the way back in Brisbane. Definitely avoiding Malaysian Airlines, probably a little unfair but don’t need to tempt fate.

Have been waiting a few weeks now but finally got my hands on the new iPhone 6+. Have been using an android device for a couple of years now as I liked the bigger screen. Now that apple have jumped on board with that I’m happy to switch alliances. Having a Mac at the office and a iPad and MacBook, I definitely like that everything syncs so easily. Feel everything just works a little better with the iPhone especially my photography, sport and fitness apps.