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David Newport is a business broker with extensive experience in the business sales area in New Zealand. Throughout his 20 years in the industry David has worked in franchising, sales consulting, business sales and acquisitions and has garnered even more experience since starting up Switch Business with Paul Devcich . 

While David enjoys selling businesses and franchise systems he has, in recent years, found a passion for coaching business owners and helping them get their businesses into shape. This idea grew from having business owners approach him to sell their businesses, when their business was no where near ready to hit the market. David realised that if he started working with businesses earlier on, say 1-5 years before they were looking to sell, he could help them sort out all the finer details to get the business primed for a sale and realise the best possible sale price. 

Exit Positioning

One of the benefits in utilising a coach/mentor who has an extensive background in business sales is you get an understanding of what negatively effects businesses selling and if strategies are instituted to mitigate these pitfalls early enough vendors can expect to properly realise the equity they have built up in their companies. Read more about his Exit Positioning Coaching here.

Recently Switch Business has started working with a couple of franchise systems in this coaching role and they are already seeing results! Using his vast range of experience David is able to help these systems with their business objectives and plans, staff management, marketing programs and everything in between. Most importantly he is able to look at optimising their franchise sales process, looking at all facets of the offering from both sides of the transaction and making it easier for the franchisee to make the buying decision. 

Whether you’re looking to sell your business or franchise in the next few years, or you’re looking for someone from the outside to look in and direct your business in the right direction, contact Switch Business today. The team would love to grab an obligation free coffee to chat about our coaching services to see if we could fit together. Feel free to contact us at any stage. Also check out what our clients have said about our services!