This is an issue of extreme concern to all business owners. Most owners do not want their employees, customers, suppliers and competitors to know that their business is for sale or even the fact they are thinking about selling it.

At Switch Business we are happy to have a confidential meeting to discuss the options available when selling your business. We do not discuss your business, or the fact that we are even talking to you, with anyone until we have your consent.

Each buyer is required to commit to a confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement) prior to our disclosing the name of your company and providing any specific details to them. We pre-qualify buyers before we release any information. It is essential that we determine that each buyer is truly interested in and financially capable of buying the business they are enquiring about, and not just fishing for information or ideas.

Any advertising or marketing that we undertake is done in such a way that your business is not able to be identified (unless agreed upon). 

If you still have concerns regarding confidentiality please feel free to contact us for a chat.