Required Information

Required Information

The following information will be required to enable us to create an information memorandum for your business. This document will eventually be released to qualified buyers who have completed a confidentiality agreement and it is very important that it is a true and accurate representation of your business.

Business Overview

An outline of the business, its history, where it currently sits in the marketplace and what its future prospects are.

Financial Information

Statement of performance (profit and loss), preferably the last three years plus current year to date and if possible forecast budget for the next financial year. We will work with you and your accountant to normalise these accounts, making adjustments for any interest on debt that won’t transfer, one-off non-recurring expenses and to remove benefits accruing to the owner that aren't related to the actual operation of the business. Details of customer spread – is revenue dependent on a few key customers or is it broad and diverse? It is good practice to have your Accountant create a Summary PNL document for the previous 3 years plus current year for sale purposes.


Original lease documents should be available for inspection, along with any previous assignments, variations or renewals. The landlord’s consent is required for any assignment of the lease to the purchaser before any sale is declared unconditional. Most landlords require details on the purchaser’s previous business experience and financial position.

Employee Details

Details on key personnel/employees including an organisational chart, salaries, duties, length of service, copy of standard employment agreement etc.

Key Supply and Client Contracts

Copies of any agency agreements and supply contracts. Are they able to be transferred? Details of any terms of trade with suppliers and clients that are outside the norm.

Intellectual Property Rights

Details of any intellectual property rights e.g. franchise agreements, trademarks, licence to use a brand, patents, software etc. required to run the business.

Business Assets

Plant and Equipment – a list of what will be included in the sale. This is additional to the depreciation schedule – our experience shows that the depreciation schedule is not complete, (there are items that are not on the schedule and also items that have been discarded or are not required for the operation of the business e.g. spouses motor vehicles etc.).

Other Information

Details on the industry sector your business is in, competitors, technology and software used to run the business, and your businesses strengths and weaknesses along with any information that will assist in selling your business.

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