Coaching Client's Testimonials

coaching client's testimonials for switch business

Business/Exit Positioning Coaching

Listed below are testimonials from some of David's coaching clients. 

"Our work with David at Switch Business has aimed to add value to our company for re-sale and monitor any leakage of time and money within the company. David originally assisted in the sale and purchase of the company, including having an older family member exit with no plan. This proved to be a very stressful and trying time, and a realisation that every business should have an exit plan in place, whether intended or not. 

We felt it was invaluable to keep David on as an advisor. We had a goal of maintaining all leakage, spending and staff efficiency, and in the meantime having a strategy of adding value to our company, which we could see the results of within a year. 

What we appreciate most about working with David is his ability to cut through the predictable politics of a business and staying focused on our goals. He is one of the most successful business brokers in New Zealand and has an amazing talent in sales. These two abilities alone have helped to deliver and achieve our goals, whilst maintaining and always improving on what we have already achieved."
- Paul and Lisa Tregonning
  Stellar Machinery
  Forklift Hire, Sales and Service



"Moving from being in the finance sector for 12 years with people all around me and being able to bounce ideas off each other, into purchasing my own business where it was just me was a massive change. I originally got in touch with David to get help with business expansion, but it has developed into much more than that. 

After an initial meeting David started challenging me on why I was doing this and that, the first time anyone had challenged me - not even my banker, solicitor and accountant had until that point. I had goals and wanted to achieve everything yesterday, but David's knowledge and wisdom got me and the business focused on what it really was I wanted to achieve, which was the long term position of the business.  It very quickly became evident that the track I was taking wasn’t going to achieve my goal.

David has a broad background and has a heap of good ideas, so for me as a business owner David is invaluable with his coaching/questioning/challenging, as he has no hidden agendas and when you are in business yourself, sometimes its good to have someone help you see the wood from the trees.

I highly recommend David at Switch Business."

- Geoff Pridham
  Managing Director
  Nano-Clear NZ Ltd