Your Next Step

Your next step? Come in for a coffee and lets talk it through!

Have a coffee with us! The next step in a business exit is to come in for a coffee and have a chat about the process. On this website you will find information about the market situation, the sales process and what is required of a vendor in a process like this, but how does it apply to you?

Your business and your personal situation will differ from all other business owners. That's why personalising any process, to address the issues that are important to you, concerns you may have about the process, positioning of your business for sale, ensuring confidentiality, appraising of your business, discussing timing of any process, marketing, costs, protection of staff are all areas we can talk through over a coffee. 

In the first instance we would recommend a face-to-face meeting away from your office, to avoid any potential interruptions to your business. So lets go and grab a coffee!

Contact us today.